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One to One Transference Healing®​

A Transference Healing® session begins with a brief discussion of any intentions for the Healing allowing you to become receptive to the energetically templated 5th dimensional sacred space. Channelling of both the alchemical and lightbody procedures then follows, which can take from about an hour to 1.5 hours. An intuitive reading completes the session, giving you an understanding of what came up during the healing process and what changes to expect from the transformational process activated during the healing.

One to One Transference Healing® €100 includes:​

  •     A full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session approx 1.5 to 2 hours

  •     Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence ​

Distance/Absentee Transference Healing®​

If you feel drawn to receive Transference Healing® but are unable or prefer not to attend in person, a Distance or Absentee Transference Healing® is an ideal option. Distance Transference Healing® can be more profound for some than being present for the Healing, as it allows one to focus more directly on core issues, without any distraction. You can stay in the comfort of your home and receive in your own time as many times as you wish (the recorded mp3 is encoded with the energy of the healing). You will be called etherically to my templated healing space and the energy will run the same as if you are present in the room.

Distant Transference healing costs €100 and includes:​

  •     A full Transference Healing® session

  •     Recorded personal reading, emailed as an MP3 file (or posted as a cd for 5 euro)

  •     Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence (posted)

  •     Optional Telephone call ​directly after the healing, please arrange this prior to the healing if required.


Beyond Doorways Healing Level 1 and Level 2 Healings

A Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 healing session gives you an opportunity to experience the fundamental procedures in the 'Beyond Doorways' book and and receive an energetic healing process. You will integrate specific Transference procedures (level 1), while also receiving Atlantean and Lemurian healing procedures (level 2) through the use of crystal wands. This creates frequency shifts in your DNA that facilitates a divinely orchestrated cellular purification. You will also experience a Pentagram Gridding Procedure (level 2) to support the alchemical changes necessary for the healing and transference of your body into the fifth dimensional frequency so that the physical body and consciousness can respond to the anchoring of your lightbody.

  • A Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 costs €70 and includes Beyond Doorways Essences

  • A Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing can run be alone and costs €35

Group / Family Transference Healing®​

This option is popular for families, groups or couples who choose to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics playing out for them, ultimately clearing their karmic circumstances. Working in this way allows the group to consciously work together to begin to understand core wounding and how it affects them as a group. Profound results may be achieved as this healing creates a dramatic impact on all involved, supporting the breakdown of obsolete genetic and karmic patterns, allowing the new to birth itself.

For those who are involved in relationships that have specific issues that they would like to resolve and heal, this option is very powerful. This could include karmic relationships, perhaps with abusive or negative behaviours, unexplained misfortune, genetic disorders creating illness or simply a feeling of being restricted by one another.

Due to families often living a distance apart, or in different countries, this option works exceptionally well via Distant Healing, or appointments can be made to come in person.

Family/Group Transference Healing® €100 per person (minimum 2 people or €200, if more than 2 people, a 10% reduction applies pp) includes​:

  •     Group Circle of Fire, for purification

  •     A full Transference Healing® session on the Group

  •     Individual Level 1 Beyond Doorways Transference Healing®

  •     Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence for each person

  •     Recorded reading, emailed as an MP3 file, or posted as a CD ​​


For official Transference Healing® pricing guidelines, please visit


Soul Group Healings - see calendar for schedule

Sinead runs regular absentee soul group healings via live and recorded webinar - each soul group healing focuses on an individual aspect of the principals, teaching and frequencies of Transference Healing®. This process supports the clearing of mass density for the group. The people in attendance form a small soul group, to work through a specific aspect together - working in a group this way provides an expanded healing potential. Utilising the Transference ® Healing frequencies and energies that filter through from the universe, the group experiences a profound inner journey to reveal deep personal truths and gain an opportunity to embody a shift of consciousness. 

Webinar works well for this type of energy work as the group healing we do is the same as if we were face to face but you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or have to schedule a specific time. You may decide to join live or just receive the recording to listen at your convenience.

Soul Group Transference Healing® €40 per person includes​

  •     Group Circle of Fire, for purification

  •     A full Transference Healing® session on the Group

  •     Individual Level 1 Beyond Doorways Transference Healing®

  •     Transference Healing® Lightbody Essence for each person

  •     Recorded reading, emailed as an MP3 file, or posted as a CD

Cost is 40 euro 

Payment via: 

Paypal - risetoascension@gmail 

Bank transfer or Money Order - contact me for details

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