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To achieve and maintain wellness at this time, we need to regularly clear, realign and balance all of our energetic bodies. We need to balance our masculine and feminine energies, refine our power centre (ego), purify by clearing karma, patterning and wounding from our cellular memory and clear genetic weaknesses from our DNA. We need to heal deep emotional wounding and go deeper into our heart, bring more light into our bodies, work towards anchoring our lightbody and in parallel, continuously shift into higher levels of consciousness. Transference Healing® supports you to navigate our divine ascension process to achieve alignment, balance, holistic wellness and spiritual growth. 


A Brief Background

Human beings are not just physical in nature; we are complex multi-dimensional energetic beings with a complex geometric etheric template, or underlying blue-print, which sustains us and regulates the automatic function of our body's self-healing system.


The Earth and the human body are constantly evolving and since 1998, this evolution has become more rapid due to various cosmic influences prophesised by many indigenous cultures. Through aeons of time, since the 'fall' of humanity to a denser vibration during the age of Atlantis, we have been able to access only a fraction of our self-healing abilities. This was because of our disconnection from the light and the disempowerment and 'survival' mindset that resulted. There were those who expected the world to end at the winter solstice 2012, however it was the end of one galactic time cycle and the beginning of another; humanity's return to the 'Light' or 'Ascension'. This process will take another 2000 years to complete itself, before every human on earth has integrated the totality of their multi-dimensional selves and are living in the 7th and final Golden Age on earth.  


Since the winter solstice 2012, we have entered a 5th dimensional reality due to shifts in the electromagnetic grid of the earth. We have released much negativity from our energy fields and every person on earth has anchored what we call the 'Lightbody'. Prior to 1998, to anchor the ligtbody meant we had to physically die. Now, we have the opportunity to integrate the Lightbody while still physcially incarnated. The Lightbody's ability to do this correlates with a shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension which occurred at this time After we all anchored our lightbody, a process that completed itself in 2012, we began the next stage of human evolution. We are now working towards mastering the self-healing process and living within higher consciousness. 


How can Transference Healing ® help?

Receiving regular Transference Healing ® sessions allows you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health, wellness and longevity during the earth changes. As you make steady shifts into higher levels of consciousness, deep emotional wounding will begin to heal itself from within. You will become free of the need for medical or even alternative care because you will be consistently clearing the etheric and genetic weaknesses from within your body, therefore preventing imbalances and their symptoms.


How does Transference Healing ® work?

Transference Healing ® does not diagnose a condition by analysing physical or emotional symptoms, rather Practitioners learn to look deeply into the etheric components of the body when running the procedures and through the use of divination charts, gain insight from a more intuitive level, in order to generate a 'reading' about what is impacting and creating the healing process at that time. 


Transference Healing® also works with the electromagnetic frequency and magnetic fields of the body. It is the magnetic aspects of Transference that create its powerful alchemical shifts and magical healing properties. Importantly, it it through the electromagnetic body filtering the necessary electrical currents into the cellular levels of the body that allows the lightbody to anchor in and enable ascension.


With Transference Healing ®, the 'source' of trauma and pain can be reached and removed, through intent, from the electromagnetic and/or magnetic bodies, without physical intervention, allowing the physical body to respond quickly and with ease. This also allows us to work on a preventative care level. 


What will you experience?

Your Transference Healing ® Practitioner will channel inter-dimensional healing frequencies into your body, intuitively identifying the underlying cause(s) of any imbalances or etheric weaknesses and then apply the procedures relevent to your needs. Your Practitioner will also create a therapeutic esence for you to take in the following weeks. 


Although Transference Healing ® creates an effective physiological healing process within the body, it is essentially a spiritual experience. It combines ancient and forgotten shamanic wisdom, ancient spiritual practices and Earth and cosmic electromagnetic frequencies. Its procedures and principles embrace the teachings of alchemy to support a healing process in the DNA and cellular body, as well as working with light to aid integration of the the 5th dimensional Adam Kadmon body.


Transference Healing ® is suitable for all ages, conditions or illnesses regarding healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment. It is recommended that everyone has a full healing session every 6 to 8 weeks until they are mastering more in their lives. For those struggling with their health or ascension process, weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved.

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