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Transference Healing® Fundamental Training

"Self-Healing and Faith"

Anyone can learn to run Transference Healing®. In this comprehensive four-day fundamental training you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light ™,  and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin running Transference Healing®. You will be guided through an energetic journey. As you learn the fundamental procedures, you will also learn how to channel Transference Healing® frequencies to support divine alchemical healing and ascension.


In this training, you will learn how to create alchemy in the body, supporting lightbody integration  and the ascension of the physical body into the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body. This is the technology bestowed by Enoch. When you commit to this self-healing training you are taking the first step towards self-mastery. By working on yourself, you shift the frequency of your body and consciousness, while also creating change in your reality. These procedures are the structural foundation to master as a healer.


Please note that this training does not enable you to be a practitioner, there is another advanced level to be completed prior to that. This training can currently be provided only by Alexis Cartwright, founder, anchor and channel of the Transference Healing® modality. 

When you undertake Fundamental training you will receive the following inclusions:

  • A 276 page Practitioners Manual (also known as the Fundamental Manual)

  • A set of 6 full colour Practitioners Templates and a Healing Record Template

  • The complete practitioners Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences

  • A 150 page full colour Lightbody Kit book - inclusive of colour photographs identifying all the lightbody crystals and divination charts

  • Your Fundamentals Training Certificate of Achievement, signed by Alexis Cartwright

  • A Graduates Presentation CD





















What will you learn at a Fundamental Training Workshop?

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