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"I've had 3 healing sessions with Sinead in the last 12 months. The initial session was performed face to face while the others were absentee (across half of Europe). I did not notice any difference between them. In quite a difficult period of my life, I felt strong, calm and optimistic, passing the days with a natural childish joy. Sinead always answered my questions and gave me important information on how the healing would affect me in the days and weeks after, allowing me to fully understand the process. I found the method to be very interesting and Sinead was both warm and professional."


Branislav Lysonek - Slovakia


"As someone who has at times been somewhat sceptical of Healing, Energy and Meditation practitioners, when I went to meet Sinead for a Transference Healing Session I really went with an open mind, yet not expecting anything to happen, and how wrong I was.

From the moment I arrived, Sinead made me feel very welcome, and for the first time ever, I really felt that this session was about me and Sinead explained step by step what would happen. Basically I was invited to sit comfortably on a chair and allow myself to relax and breathe deeply. As Sinead began to channel energy, which is the key to Transference Healing, I found myself almost drifting into a sleep, I was so relaxed. In fact I totally forgot about time.

When the session was completed, Sinead then explained to me what she had done, and what she felt and I have to say, I felt like crying, she was so accurate. In fact I could really feel an energy shift within me. It has been over a week now, and I still feel the differences and I am more at peace with me and the issues I had inside of me.

I am delighted to recommend Sinead, as I can testify she is totally legimate and honest, and for me, these are two very important traits. I very much look forward to working Sinead very soon, and I hope many people will take that leap of faith and see for themselves"

Darragh McGann - Cork, Ireland 

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