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Free Introduction to Transference Healing® Presentations, by request 

House or space clearing using the Sacred Circle of Fire Purification Ritual, by request - €80

Absentee Soul Group Healing - 3rd Wednesday of every month

Each soul group healing focuses on an individual aspect of the principals, teaching and frequencies of Transference Healing®. This process supports the clearing of mass density for the group. The people in attendance form a small soul group, to work through a specific aspect together - working in a group this way provides expanded healing potential as we are conduits and together we can channel and shift more at a time. 

Utilising the Transference ® Healing frequencies and energies that filter through from the universe, the group experiences a profound inner journey to reveal deep personal truths and gain an opportunity to embody a shift of consciousness.  

Absentee works well for this type of energy work as the group healing we do is the same as if we were face to face but you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or have to schedule a specific time. You may decide to come to my home to experience it face to face (limited to 5 people for comfort) or just receive the recording afterwards to listen at your convenience.

Soul Group Transference Healing® €45 per person includes​

  Group Circle of Fire, for purification

A full Transference Healing® session on the Group

  Recorded reading, emailed as a downloadable .MP3 file 


Children and Parents / Carers Absentee Soul Group Healing - 3rd Thursday of every 2 months

The same as the usual absentee group healing described above but specifically designed to uplift the vibration and clear the energy fields of our crystal children who have been born with the new template the prior generations of people of earth are manifesting. Our children are unique, fearless, guiltless and don't understand the conditions we as children faced. They will not adhere to our preconceived ideas of how their life or behaviour should be. They are extremely sensitive to their environments and absorb much negativity into their bodies and consciousness and we as their carers have an obligation to ensure they have a way to decompress and release the environmental toxins, and to align with the earth grid shifts that are occurring on a daily basis and affect us all. This also includes the suppressed emotions of their family lines. That's why this group healing is also open to their parents or carers - our own unresolved childhood wounding affects how our children run their energy. Basically they are constantly reacting to what they feel, much of which is not their own. Having a regular healing like this enables their energy to remain clear and gives them a chance to be more free in their minds, body, emotions and spirit.

Children's Group Transference Healing® €30 per person includes​, €25 for subsequent family members

  Group Circle of Fire, for purification

A full Transference Healing® session on the Group

  Recorded reading, emailed as a downloadable .MP3 file

Beyond Doorways Workshops


Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 (1 day each, 10am to 6pm approx each day. Each level can be taken separately or one day after another, but Level 1 must be completed prior to Level 2) €500 per one day workshop. €200 goes towards course materials which are sent from Australia  and must be paid as a deposit on booking, a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of the class to ensure they arrive on time. See Training page for workshop details.

Next Scheduled dates for 2020 - TBC after Covid-19 Restrictions lifted

Transference Healing® Fundamental Training – Self Healing & Faith

Takes place over 3 full days – cost €2200, €900 as deposit at time of booking, which goes towards course materials, which must be sent from Australia so please book in at least 6 weeks in advance. See Training page for workshop details. Inclusive of  1 day graduate day 6 weeks later to answer any questions and review areas graduate wishes to understand more.

Next Scheduled dates for 2020 - TBC after Covid-19 Restrictions lifted

Payment via:  Paypal - risetoascension@gmail or message me for bank transfer details


Note that paying in full prior to training start dates will help the energies integrate more gently as the energy actually begins to run for you as soon as the deposit is paid. It is fine however to pay the balance on the first day of the workshop. After the commitment is made to the training; situations, feelings and physical symptoms may arise for you in preparation for the training, this is normal.

However, if you become very overwhelmed beforehand, you can call me to discuss.


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