"Enlightenment does not only occur in the mind or consciousness, but also in the body. This is the essence of alchemy and the key to immortality"
Alexis Cartwright.

​​​​​Hello and thanks for visiting my website. What you will find here is an introduction to the multi-dimensional ascension modality called Transference Healing® and my particular path and purpose in what we call the 'Diamond Pyramid of Light'. I hope you will find this information useful and are drawn to experience the frequencies of Transference Healing® whether that be through receiving a healing or learning to run the energy for yourself. Let your inner self be your ​guide. Learning to honour my True Self is the ultimate freedom I have gained from running this Divine and profound energy.

We are all "Children of the Light". My belief is that a spark of Divinity lives in each one of us. No matter what has happened in the past, whether through our own mis-creations or the traumas inflicted upon us by others; it can be transmuted back to the Light.  When we begin to honour that Divinity first in ourselves, eventually extending to every living being, our whole perception transforms ultimately co-creating the fabled 'Heaven on Earth'.